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The Start Of A New Life

Barely surviving

Dolly & her baby girl, Buckshot, were seized by authorities in December 2015.



Clearly neglected and starving, buckshot was the only baby found alive.



The officer who seized them, kept them both in his care for several days until rescue could be secured.


On Christmas Eve, 2015, with the help of other rescues and a ‘relay’ team – these beautiful souls were removed from deplorable conditions, and made the 4 hour trip to Millington. That day they became part of the Guardian K9 family. Mama and her only surviving baby, this is the day their lives changed forever.


Merry Christmas baby girls! Your new life begins today!


She never skipped a beat, she stole our heart from the beginning.
She never skipped a beat, she stole our heart from the beginning.


The ride home was quiet for Buckshot, the poor baby girl just laid her head down in the back seat. I can only imagine that this was the first time she rested peacefully in a very long time. Dolly on the other hand – she was clearly excited to be on her way somewhere new!




It didn’t take long to see the transformation – Dolly began putting on weight very quickly, and Buckshot was growing like a weed!




Dolly tested positive for heartworm, so once she began to put on weight and get to a healthier state, we began her treatment.

Over the months, we’ve watched Dolly come into her own, from the very first day she was just happy to be happy. She is an amazing dog, she seems to have completely forgotten the things of the past.




And Buckshot is following directly in her mama’s footsteps, stealing hearts since the first day




I know in my heart they are looking  to pay it forward and help someone else heal, just as they have




These gentle souls deserved a chance. I will never forget the day their lives changed forever, and I will ever be grateful to all of those who made it all possible.



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