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Breezy was only ten months old when she drug by a vehicle. This is probably one of the worst set of injuries we have seen in a very long time. Breezy’s owners chose to surrender her to us, as the costs to care for her would be long term and very high. Breezy was skinned from shoulder to shoulder, and for the most part de-gloved on all four paws.

After the first week, Breezy was not healing as quickly as expected, that is the point the owners chose to surrender her.

Several weeks later, and about 100 bandages, Breezy was on the mend!

Breezy’s pads have yet to fill in as of now, but that doesn’t slow her down! She adapted very quickly to wearing shoes and runs with the pack like the puppy she once was! She pitter-patters up and down the hallway with such adorable enthusiasm! And of course, zoomies in the yard with her buddies at Guardian K9!

If not for the support of our volunteers and donors, Breezy would not have had the recovery she has. We owe so much to our supporters, this little girl sure was worth it! Thanks to all who donated, shared, and prayed for this sweet little girl. Breezy will soon be on her way to California to be adopted into a family member’s spoiled little pack!

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