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The majority of our dogs are found stray, abandoned, or in highly neglected health. Many of these dogs have never seen the inside of a house, let alone sleep in bed with their human. This adjustment can be scary for them, and the more patience, kindness and consistency they experience, the easier it is to adapt to the good life!

If you're interested in adopting, fill out the adoption form, or send us an email!

You won't regret it! Some of the best dogs are the ones you'd least expect! Every adopter is a HERO! By adopting from a rescue, one more dog has a home of their own, and one more is a step closer to getting off the street and finding a family of their own!

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Photo of Roscoe

Dog, Adult, Male, Large


Photo of Buckshot

Dog, Young, Female, Medium


Photo of Ruthie

Dog, Young, Female, Medium


Photo of Bella!

Dog, Adult, Female, Medium


Photo of Cha Cha

Cha Cha
Dog, Young, Female, Medium


Photo of Jasper

Dog, Young, Male, Medium


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