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Roscoe’s Story

Roscoe’s life with Guardian K9 began November 5, 2015. He was found wandering Millington with what appeared to be a collar for a horse rather than a dog. Roscoe was emaciated, frail, and could barely hold himself up. He was rushed to our veterinarian for a quick exam and health plan.


Over the next few days, Roscoe’s eyes began to sparkle. This sweet soul held no grudge against humans, he seemed to have forgotten what his life was like just a few short days ago. His weight gain was slow at first, he was so weak that I had to use the leash as leverage to keep him from falling when I’d take him out to do his business.

One day he did fall, and let out the most gut wrenching howl I’ve ever heard. He couldn’t pick himself back up. I had to lift him back on his feet. It was the most heartbreaking time I’ve ever had in rescue, but at the same time, Roscoe didn’t give up. That alone kept my tears at bay.


And then one day, Roscoe heard the leash jingle when I went to get him for his morning walk and JUMPED the baby gate to the room he had been calling home for the last 2 weeks. Yes, he JUMPED the gate, and then JUMPED up on me with a cold nose and a big, slobbery kiss!


But that was then, and this is now. And at first glance you see a silly, lanky, goofy, every day dog. He prances across the pasture, struts around the ladies, and hoards every toy he finds! He is an amazing dog, and such a gentle spirit. He can be silly and goofy – and then so serious you just want to ask him what’s on his mind. He loves it when my husband calls him P Coletrain, and loves when I call him Mr. Personality. This guy is incredible.

Our lives will never be the same after Roscoe’s journey.

Roscoe with his favorite volunteer, Cameron


Roscoe and Cameron



Me and Roscoe, the dog I will never forget

Knowing one life has breathed easier because you have lived, THIS is to have succeeded.


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